Turmeric is not only a spice, it also has many medicinal properties. It is also used in cosmetics. Learn more about its properties in this slideshow.
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1.) Health Benefits of Turmeric.
Turmeric is not only a spice, it also has many medicinal properties. It is also used in cosmetics. Turmeric is extremely useful in recovering from skin, stomach and trauma etc.
2.) Beneficial in lever related problems.
Turmeric is very useful to get rid of liver problems. It removes blood defects. Turmeric naturally enhances the production of such enzymes, which helps in the removal of toxic substances from the liver.
3.) Get rid of stains.
Turmeric is very helpful in getting rid of stains and wounds. Grind turmeric and black sesame seeds in equal proportions, making the paste, the skin becomes clean and fennel. Paste made from turmeric and milk is used for making face packs and is very effective in getting fair skin .
4.) Strong Immune System.
Turmeric is also very helpful in increasing the body’s immune system. This prevents the body from many diseases. The lipopolysaccharide element found in turmeric strengthens our immune system and protects us from diseases. Also, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties are also found in turmeric.
5.) Remove unwanted hair.
Use turmeric if you have unwanted hair on your body. To remove unwanted hair, mix turmeric powder with lukewarm coconut oil and make paste. Now put this paste on unwanted hair. With this remedy, the body’s unwanted hair gradually gets removed and the skin becomes soft.
6.) Remove Sunburn.
Turmeric acts as a sunscreen lotion. If your skin is tanning due to sunlight then get almond paste, turmeric and curd to get rid of the tan, put it on the skin and then wash it with water. This will remove tanning of the skin.
7.) Avoid infection.
The amount of proteins called cathylisidein anti-microbial peptide (CAMP) increases due to the element called curcumin found in turmeric. CAMP protein enhances the immunity of the body. This protein helps the body fight bacteria and viruses.
8.) Beneficial in stomach problems.
Use of the correct amount of turmeric used in the form of spices is very beneficial in abdominal irritation and the problem of ulcers. Yellow color of turmeric is due to an organ called curcumin and it is very effective in medicine. According to the medical field, the curcumin has been very effective in treatment of diseases of the stomach like irritation and ulcer.
9) Qualifying in dental diseases.
Use turmeric to strengthen the teeth and strengthen the gums. Take a little turmeric, salt and mustard oil for this. Now massage this mixture with teeth and gums. This remedy eliminates inflammation and eliminates the tooth worms.
10.) Assistant in Inner Injury.
Turmeric is very useful in the injury. When the muscles get stretched or inhaled after getting hurt, drinking hot milk mixed with turmeric provides relief in pain and swelling instantly. Applying turmeric and water coating on the injured also provides relief.
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