Weight loss story: “I lost 20 kilos in just 4 months and now people are asking for advice.


What do you do when you hit rock bottom? Well, 26-year-old Gagandeep knew that there was only one way to go– it was to get up and get moving. He realized that when you don’t take care of yourself, your health ultimately takes the beating. Gagandeep knew that he had to lose weight if he wanted to remain in this profession (photography) and feel healthy again! His weight loss story is an inspiration that no matter where you are or what you are doing, anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


“I was never into working out. In fact, I am not a huge fan of bodybuilding or gym. And I never really cared about my weight till things have really gotten out of my hands There was a time I did not care about my health and weight at all and used to eat junk food without wondering about its consequences. Soon, the kilos started piling up, my clothes started getting tighter and my health began to take the beating of my unhealthy lifestyle.” Gagandeep said


My work requires me to travel too often to far off places. And when you are overweight, traveling becomes a problem. I used to get tired easily as I have to carry bulky cameras and other equipment’s on my shoulder while shooting.


On my first talk, Manish listened to my problems and asked me what I wanted to achieve, my answer was simple. I wanted to make my body stronger, get fit, and healthy. He assured me that I will reach my target sooner than later. I knew I needed to get back in shape, so I started my weight loss journey and did not look back ever since and I must say, choosing to Ask Your Diet was the best decision of my life.


I had tried to lose weight a lot of times in the past but I never quite succeeded. After many failed attempts, I decided to take professional help from Ask Your Diet and I must say it was the best decision of my life.



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