Anisha lost a massive 8 Kilos in Only 2 Months. Here’s Her Story:


Anisha’s Weight Loss story is not less than any Bollywood Movie Story. Her husband wanted her to lose weight. So, in order to motivate her, one day he gifted her Ask Your Diet 3 Months Weight Loss Package. But she was not at all happy about it. Since Anisha is an outgoing girl which involves a lot of dinner and lunch obligations with friends, colleagues, and clients. So, dieting was the last thing in her mind. In most cases, experts agree that you should never lose weight for someone else. But when your husband or wife asks you to lose weight, there may be more on the line to consider.


She always had this notion that dieting means starvation and it’s very difficult to follow especially when you are working and have social obligations. I was inspired by the AYD website and Instagram page, so I wanted to give it a try at least one, She said. Once I started dieting, not my notion about diet changed but my whole perspective about healthy eating has changed. It’s not at all difficult. I actually liked it. She said.


But like Anisha, her friends also have a very different notion about diet. The preconceived notion that comes with the word diet is too strong to repulse. “The problem is the word diet sounds like starving. I keep defending and telling everyone how I’m more energetic and my skin is better etc. It’s not difficult by itself, but people around me are constantly nagging and taunting”. She said.


“I have had to hear so many taunts and I have ended up having a couple of arguments as well because I’m hell-bent on following this. But it’s hard because of the constant nagging and taunts. I go out very often. Sometimes I end up purposely eating unhealthy so that they feel satisfied. It’s because of all this that my results r lesser (8 Kgs in 2 months, and she thinks it’s less)”. She said in her interview.


Despite all odds, Anisha lost 8 Kgs in 2 months, but her target is 52 kilos. Let’s see how far she will be able to go.


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Before 66 Kilos

After 2 Months: 58 Kilos

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