Antara felt lazy and tired. She over ate constantly. And, she wasn’t happy. What she saw in the mirror was not the person she knew herself to be. Just as bad, she said, was the poor example she was setting for her kids.
I always played sports growing up. I didn’t realize just how active I was when I was young, and how being involved in so many activities had kept me fit. Food didn’t affect me much, then. But suddenly, it did.
So, the first thing I did was to hire a dietitian for myself (Ask Your Diet in this case), they started meal prepping for me. I knew a lot of the weight gain and unhealthy habits were primarily due to what I was eating.
Overall, I was focused and knew where, and who, I wanted to be, even though I didn’t want to lose much weight but I kept focused and lost those unwanted  11 pounds that I couldn’t seem to lose on my own. Not only did the program help me to lose that extra weight, but Manish himself made me a better person. My problem had always been in setting goals within my comfort zone. Yet the best thing I ever did was step out of there, dream bigger than I ever imagined, and do things I never thought I could.


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