Growing up, I would eat everything in sight. It didn’t matter to me what time of day; I just ate when I was hungry. Food was everything to me. There were days when I was depressed about my weight as well as being naturally self-conscious about it. I was a kind of a quiet guy who had a mild case of social anxiety. On top of that, when I was growing up, I was bullied for being as big as I was.

I decided I needed to drop all this fat when I was 112 kilos. My friend introduced me to Ask Your Diet Plan.

I was shocked to learn the huge impact nutrition had on health. That was the moment I truly grasped the power of choosing healthy foods.

I followed Ask Your Diet plan exactly as it was laid out, with the only change being a substitution of brown rice for white rice. This plan worked perfectly for me because it aligned with my muscle-building goals and my college-based budget.

All this would not be possible without the support and motivation from Ask Your Diet.

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