Who says weight loss is difficult after 40? At 42 years of age, Farida lost a massive 10 Kilos in Just 3 Months.


She has been to every well-known dietician in India but with so many allergies and age, she didn’t lose an ounce of fat. She was frustrated and lost hope.


3 Months back, she started Ask Your Diet Online Weight Loss Plan and rest was all history. Here she is after losing 10 Kilos Weight Loss in Just 3 Months. She didn’t just lose weight, her skin has started glowing, all her medical conditions have vanished and she started looking a lot younger and more important she lost a lot of fat. Inch loss has been amazing and to her surprise, she has even started fitting in her college clothes. Great, isn’t it?


“Thanks to you also for helping me in getting results which were like impossible as I was struggling for 3 years for weight loss but after taking your easy diet plan I got results and I’m more than satisfied.  Even my personal gym trainer is so happy and shocked too. He has given your reference and number to some client as in gym many clients noticed my inch loss and they asked my trainer that how come so fast she reduced a lot. Feel so happy to hear such compliments. Super happy” Farida said


Can you imagine, the boys standing with her are her son’s. –


If Farida can lose weight at 42 years of age with so many allergies and medical conditions.


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Before: 65 Kilos

After 3 Months: 55 Kilos

After 3 Months: 55 Kilos

After 3 Months: 55 Kilos, Posing with her kids

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