WITHOUT Starving Yourself And WITHOUT Doing Any Exercise

Why Choose AYD Organic Diet Plan

 Simple Home cooked Diet

 No need for a heavy workout

 No Supplements or pills Just home-cooked foods

 Transform your metabolism

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It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle which you can follow for the rest of your life

Simple inexpensive home cooked diet plan. nothing fancy

Improve your mental and physical performance while living a more fulfilling life

Burn Fat & Transform Your Metabolism

Maintaining Wellness For A Longer Period Of Time

Lose Excess Body Fat At The Fastest Possible Rate.

Lose weight with a nutritionally sound plan that consists of a wide variety of wholesome foods.

Feel great, have more energy, build your stamina and immunity

No pills or supplements, only simple home cooked diet plan

Get Glowing and younger looking skin by the end of the program



Here’s what Vandana has to say.

“I always had a nice physique and used to work out every day to stay fit. But after my marriage, I started gaining weight as I stopped working out. The worst part was when in 2018 I reached an all-time high of 86 kilos.

Ask Your Diet’s constant support and motivation have never let me go off track. Honestly, If anyone wants to lose weight, I would recommend Ask Your Diet Online Diet Plan. They are one of the best. I have tried many diet plans before trying this and I must say, Ask Your Diet is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I can never thank them enough.



From:- Nutritionist Manish Arya

To:- All Healthy body seeker

People say if you eat fat you’ll get fat – but they’re dead wrong. 

That’s because your body needs the “good” fats, which you can find in the perfectly designed diet plan.

the hard part is the customization of the diet plan.

We all know the reason for the fat increase is different for everyone.

Then how can an Intense workout reduce weight for everyone?

Even though how can the same diet plan can work for everyone?

quote starte You are losing your Money and Body on the table as well if you are using the same thingquote end


The workout is very hard…

Regular food recipes are boring

Just like you, many of my clients have been through from the same and were struggling too

What if I told you, that

…you no longer have to be a Victim of leg-pulling for being fat.

…you no longer have to lose money anymore

What if we told you, that we can put an end to the Blindness of Workout and costly ingredients…

if you are one of those who has tried all the diets but never lost any weight, do not get discouragED


Select Your Plan

Once you enroll for the plan, you will receive a questionnaire over email or Whats App. The questionnaire consists of questions related to your lifestyle, work schedule, dietary habits, likes and dislikes, religious constraints as far as food is concerned, medical problems, current weight and target weight etc.


Tell Us About Yourself

Kindly fill it up accurately and send it back. Give us a detailed information about your health and dietary habits so that we have all the information we need to plan your diet. Please be honest here as this is the most important step. It will take approximately 10 minutes to fill up the questionnaire


Get Custom Diet Plan

After necessary discussion and evaluation; you will receive your Customized Diet Plan tailor-made to suit your requirements. Customized diet plans are created taking into consideration your medical history, work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, your health goals and so on. A diet that worked for someone may not work for you, that’s why you require a customized diet plan for yourself to achieve your health goals. Ask Your Diet is known for it’s customized diet plans which are healthy & nutritious and does not deprive you of any essential macro/micro nutrient required by your body.


Weekly Reviews

You have to update your weight once a week (either Saturday or Sunday). Your progress and way forward is reviewed and your diet plan will change accordingly for the subsequent week. In last 15 years, we have helped people in attaining good health and achieve their target of Weight Loss, staying healthy & fit, etc. Trust us and you will be our next success story.


Lifelong Lifestyle Plan

Once you achieve your target weight, a one-time maintenance Diet Plan is shared with you, which you can continue for the rest of your life and help you continue on your journey to good health.

Check What Our Clients Has to Say About Us

What You Are Getting Today?

Unlimited Phone & Whatsapp Support

Customized Plan As Per Your Food Preferences

Travel Diet Plans For Special Occasions/Holidays

Regular Weight Progress Checks

Health Food Recipes

Effortless Weight Loss process




 ₹ 3997 FOR 90 DAYS PLAN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ask Your Diet?
ASK YOUR DIET is India’s premier online fitness company which specializes in Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition Management for PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. We provide customized science-based meal and activity plans for various lifestyle diseases and help you reverse lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension etc.
What kind of diet plan do you give?
Diet will be planned according to your Lifestyle, Work Schedule, Dietary Habits, Food Preferences, Activity Level, Religious Constraints as far as food is concerned, Medical Problems, your Current Weight and Target Weight.
What kind of food do u suggest? i cannot afford fancy foods
Diet Plan will be customized according to your Food Preferences. It will be created taking into consideration the availability of ingredients, allergies, your health goals and so on. No Fancy Foods, No Supplements, No Medicines
How much weight can I lose in a month?
Losing weight can be incredibly simple and incredibly challenging at the same time. We’d all like to lose 5 to 10 kilos in a week, but those kinds of fast weight loss goals are both unrealistic and unhealthy. A realistic weight loss goal is to lose 1-1.5 Kg per week. So, you can expect to lose approximately 4-6 Kgs in a month. Although a goal of losing 5 to 10 per cent of your starting weight is also achievable in the first month. So, if you weigh 80 Kgs, a goal of 4 to 8 Kgs of weight loss is reasonable and achievable in the first month itself.
I have been working out since 1 year but haven't lost any weight. can i still lose weight?

Weight loss is a process—one that doesn’t always happen as quickly as you might like. While healthy weight loss can take time, there are reasons you might not be losing weight that are worth considering as you gauge your progress.

For example, maybe you’re committed to a regular workout, but you’re not burning enough calories. Perhaps you are exercising enough and eating well, but you have a medical condition that is interfering with your ability to shed pounds.

There are many things that can influence weight loss, some of which may be more obvious than others. It’s worth considering all of them as you work to make changes that will get you results.

Our Diet Plan will take into considerations all these factors and provide you results which you have been looking for.

So, to answer the question, you can still lose weight with our diet plan.

I don’t have time to work out, can I still lose weight?
Dieting is more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight. According to a 2009 study by researchers at Loyola University Health System, diet, not exercise, is key to losing weight faster and more effectively. So, yes diet alone is sufficient for you to lose ample amounts of weight.
I work in a night shift; can I still take the diet plan?
Yes, Diet will be planned according to your work timings and overall lifestyle.
I don’t have time to cook, can I still follow the diet plan?
Yes, Diet will be planned according to your Food Preferences and easy availability of ingredients. So, if you don’t want to cook, you don’t have to cook.
Do you also give any supplements or medicines along with the diet?
How will you give the diet plan? How about other queries?
Once you fill up the questionnaire, a customized diet plan based on the information you provide will be issued to you via What’s App.

Whenever you have any query. You can leave it on What’s App and you will get a reply within an hour. If it is very urgent, in that case, you can call.

After paying the fees, how long will you take to plan the diet?
12-24 hours
What if I have an occasion or travel plans?
Let us know about your travel plans 1 day prior and we will give you a travel diet plan.
When to pay the fees, before or after the diet plan?
Fees is payable in advance.
Do you also provide workout plan along with diet plan?
Right Now, the workout plan is complimentary along with the diet plan. But, very soon it will be chargeable. So, yes a workout plan suitable to your needs and requirements will be given to you along with the diet plan.




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