Ayurvedic Remedies for Indigestion.
Indigestion is a common ailment that presents itself in various forms including heartburn, stomach aches, flatulence, constipation and change in appetite. Not only are these conditions uncomfortable, but leaving them untreated is harmful to your overall health as your nutrition becomes compromised. Indigestion is mainly considered a Pitta ailment due to its fiery nature. We will discuss ways in which the balance of all the doshas can assist in relieving indigestion, but the primary treatment involves
balancing Pitta.


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Vata indigestion is most often felt as extremely uncomfortable cramping in the abdominal area. Vatas who are out of balance and experiencing indigestion should adhere to a vegetarian diet as much as possible. Heavier animal products put more stress on the digestive system and can cause greater cramping. If you are comfortable enough to be able to move your body, try some gentle stretching yoga poses. This will help relax the intestinal muscles and bring about more balance.
A nice Ayurvedic remedy for Vata induced indigestion is an herbal infusion containing ginger, aniseed and pepper. Prepare the infusion in boiling water, and allow cooling to a comfortable temperature before consuming. You may also add cumin to the infusion if your indigestion is intense.
Most often it is a Pitta imbalance that is to blame for digestive issues. The fire element when out of balance will cause ailments such as heartburn, ulcers and inflammation along the gastrointestinal tract. If you are experiencing any of these conditions it is time to look at how to balance the Pitta within your own body.
Begin by consuming ample liquid at the start of each day. Upon waking drink several glasses of filtered water. This water may be infused with cucumber to facilitate the cooling properties. Coconut water with its seemingly endless benefits is also an excellent tonic for calming indigestion.
You may also choose to add Indian Gooseberry powder to your water once a day, as it reduces acidity in the digestive system. Keep your meals light, with several hours between them. You may even consider replacing a meal with vegetable juice made from carrots, cucumber and cabbage, all of which have healing and cooling properties for Pitta indigestion.
Kapha based indigestion is usually the result of a slow or sluggish digestive system. Once again we see how the muddy effects of earth and water can cause problems in the body when out of balance. To help ease Kapha indigestion, eat small amounts of easily digestible food and avoid heavy, greasy foods. Consider consuming gentle soups flavored with ginger and keeping plenty of fluids in your diet to keep nourishment moving through the digestive system.
It is also important for Kaphas to participate in regular gentle exercise. Leisurely walking, or light swimming is beneficial to Kapha related indigestion.
If you find that you are suffering from constipation, or a stagnant bloated feeling apply a light circular massage to the abdominal area to facilitate movement. Be gentle, you do not want to apply too much pressure or cause additional discomfort. Also, add a gentle tea of chicory root to your daily routine. Chicory root is a natural gentle laxative that will also help alleviate Kapha indigestion.
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