Drinking, bad influences, immaturity and junk food. Aryan had a wake up call and left his bad habits behind, dropping 18 kgs in 4 months and gaining quality muscle mass.

 Here’s his story:

My lifestyle was party, party, and party some more. I was very immature, with no real goals in my life. I was just concerned on which bar I was going to go to that night. I ate terribly, and like every fat guy, I thought I ate a lot. I ate a lot of junk food and not clean foods.

My low point was when my girlfriend of 4 years just wouldn’t take me back. I needed to get rid of the frustration, so the gym was my outlet. I felt terrible because she changed her lifestyle and I was just the same old guy wanting to get drunk with friends with no goals in mind. I finally realized that I needed to change, I needed to grow up, go back to college, get rid of bad influences, and set goals.

Ask Your Diet made the diet quite simple, So, honestly, there were no real challenges. At first the dieting wasn’t fun but I saw results quickly so that kept me going. I would say the most difficult part was when I hit plateaus. I got frustrated, but Manish (Ask Your Diet) just took a look at my diet, and bumped up my calories and protein levels to help me over come them.

With anything in life that makes you successful, you get the negative people that always try to bring you down. Never listen to them, use their comments as motivation.

 I was so happy when I finally reached 72 Kgs. I worked my butt off and this is when it started to show. My diet was on point and I clearly saw results due to it.

I am so thankful to Ask Your Diet Team and especially Manish for helping me achieving my goals.

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