Build the Perfect Healthy Sandwich for Weight Loss

Yes, you can enjoy a sandwich and still lose weight … if you load up veggies, use the right bread, and master your protein portions.

• 2 Slices Multi Grain Bread
• 2 egg whites
• 1 Tablespoon Mint Chutney
• 1 slice cheese
• salt and pepper to taste


1. While the bread is toasting, cook the egg whites over med-low heat in a small skillet (like you would a fried egg). Cover with a lid to help the egg whites cook evenly. The egg whites should be cooked in about 2-3 minutes, depending upon your stove. Once cooked, pull off the heat and set aside.
2. Spread the Mint Chutney on both slices of bread. Place 1 cheese slice between the breads
3. Season with salt and pepper to your taste, close the sandwich, and enjoy!

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