Dheeraj’s life revolved around nothing but drinking. Since, he’s in catering business, even his work life was centered around alcohol consumption—and recovering from it.

Here’s his story

I was tired of hurting those closest to me. I knew that if I continued down the path of alcohol abuse, I would lose my family and my business. I was also afraid that I’d end up drunk behind the wheel at some point, and the thought of potentially causing an accident and destroying someone else’s life terrified me.

I struggled with both the nutrition and the training. I’m a picky eater and also a vegetarian, so it was extremely difficult to hit my macros and eat foods I enjoyed at the same time. But, Thank God, I met Mr. Manish Arya of Ask your Diet at that time. He explained me everything and helped me with my diet and training. After around three months, I finally got into a rhythm with my macros.

My family has been an important source of support for me. They stood by me through my darkest times, when I was drunk and nothing but depressed. They believed in me each step of the way. Without my family and Ask Your Diet support and motivation, I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish as much as I have.

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