Chandni Weight Loss Story: I had started to hate the way I looked


For 32-year-old Chandni, the journey to lose weight was a long and hard struggle. While she was always aware of her weight, she decided to not take the conventional route of gymming. She made some incredible lifestyle changes that helped her lose weight dramatically.


The turning point: I always knew that I was overweight, hence I was constantly taking measures to get rid of the excess weight. I also tried many dietitians, the GM and other diets but failed miserably. The worst thing that happened to me was that my favorite dress tore when I tried wearing it. That is when I decided that it was high time I did something about my weight or else it would be too late.


We all want to follow a fit lifestyle and do things that make us feel happy. But weight can act as a big hindrance for some of those plans. I remain busy with work so working out was not possible for me. So, I started searching on the internet for a diet plan where I could lose weight without working out and that’s how I found about Ask Your Diet.


Manish understood my lifestyle and gave me a diet plan which was very easy to fit in my lifestyle. His diet plans are very easy to follow and he also motivated me by giving me cheat meals every once in a while. I ate homemade parantha, omelet, kadhai chicken, bhalle papdi, chole bhature and still lost weight. I can’t thank him enough for all his support and motivation.


When you gain weight, all sort of health issues come knocking on your door. So being overweight basically means dealing with medicines, constant fat, and body shaming jokes from people and limited wardrobe options. My old clothes and photographs are a constant reminder that I need to stay focussed, else I will go down that path again.

I had to prove to a few people that looks can easily be transformed. I realized that the only way to prove myself was to work hard on my body and transform myself. And I am thankful to all the people who always encouraged me and stopped me from eating junk food.


Chandni made some incredible lifestyle changes and transformed her life


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