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  • Paytm: 8810412383
  • Google Pay: 9810079001
  • PhonePe: 9810079001
  • Bank Details:-
    Account No: 10530100010236
    Bank: Bank of Baroda, Basant Lok, New Delhi
    Account Name: Ruchi Arya
  • Western Union Details:-
    Name: Manish Arya
    Country: India
    City: Delhi
    Phone No: 9871875298

FOR INSTANT ACCOUNT ACTIVATION: Please pay through your respective payment mode and send the payment screenshot on WhatsApp through WhatsApp icon shown at the bottom right corner of the screen. Or you can also send the screenshot at WhatsApp No. 9871875298.

For Example: If you want to enroll for 1-month Weight Loss Program and wants to pay through Paytm. Just pay Rs. 2500 to Paytm No. 8810412383 and send the screenshot of the payment on WhatsApp at 9871875298. Your account will be activated within 10 minutes.

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