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How to get white skin.
Everyone wants fair skin. People do all kind of things to get fair but in vain. In this article, we are recommending some special home remedies for you, which will not only refine your skin, but also remove your skin related problems.
1.) Use sunscreen.
To protect the skin from blackness, it should stay away from sunlight. Blackness or frigidity in the skin is most due to sunlight, so do not forget to put sunscreen before going out and at least use SPF 30.
2.) Wear hats or stole.
Before going out, it is best to wear a hat or take a stole, cover the face. If you want to look fashionable, you can put matching hats with clothes or stole can also save your skin from sunlight and avoid the problem of savviness.
3.) Exfoliating the skin.
Do not forget to exfoliate the skin once a week, it will remove the dead skin and it will come to life in no time. Exfoliation not only removes the blackness of the skin, but also makes your skin glowing and radiant, it feels freshness. If you do not have a scrub, you can also apply sugar on the skin by mixing it with some water.
4.) Lemon juice.
Do not forget to apply lemon juice every night before sleeping. Apply lemon drops on your face after washing off the makeup. Be careful to save the eyes while applying lemon juice. After applying lemon, you will feel some irritation on the face but after some time it will be fine.
5.) Turmeric.
It is good to use turmeric to clean the skin color. Always have turmeric in your home. Blend it with a little cream. Mix this mixture in gram flour or flour. Put it on the face for ten minutes and then wash it.
6.) Sandalwood.
Sandalwood is a natural recipe to enhance the skin color. It not only enhances the color of the skin but also removes skin related problems like pimples and allergies.
7.) Banana Mask.
Mash well a ripe banana and put it on the face. Wash it after three or four minutes. You can also add raw milk to it. Make sure to do this once a week.
8) Lemon and honey.
Mix lemons and honey well on the face and wash them with cold water after twenty minutes. If your skin is dry then you can use cucumber instead of lemon. By preparing this paste you can apply it on the face and the rest of the body.
9.) Rose water.
Milk, lemon juice and gram flour mixed in rose water. Put this paste on face once in the day and wash it after 15 minutes. Regular use of this paste will enhance your skin.
10.) Curd.
Place the plane curd on the face and after some time clean it with milk. The milk and curd have the properties of shade of skin. By continuously using it, you will see changes automatically.
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