How to get rid of pimples overnight with the use of 1 tablet.
Are you also upset with facial pimples? So, do not panic. If the pimples have come out on the face, it is very difficult to reduce them immediately. But now, you have aspirin for this.
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1.) Aspirin for Pimples.
Pimples on your face take away the color of your beautiful skin. To avoid this, you can do a variety of home remedies. If the pimples have come out on the face, then it becomes very difficult to reduce them immediately. Pressing pimples can increase them further. The use of aspirin can reduce the pimples. Aspirin can reduce the redness and size of your pimples in a few minutes. But one needs to be careful in its use.
2.) Use of Aspirin.
Grind aspirin well before experimenting. You can use one to three aspirin pills, but if you use more than that, it can damage your body. Keep in mind that avoid using it without consulting a doctor.
3.) Paste with water.
First, grind the aspirin. After that add two parts water in 1 part aspirin and make a rough paste. Remember that water should not be more than some drops because you are only using one or two aspirin.
4.) Apply the paste directly on the peel.
Put paste made of aspirin and water droplets directly on your pimple. Only then, you will be able to see the results. You can use your fingers to apply it. After applying, clean your hands with the soap.
5.) Keeping planted for 15 minutes.
Do not apply aspirin on your skin for more than 15 minutes. By applying aspirin on the skin for more than 15 minutes, it reduces the blood flow. So, it should be used with great caution. It is important to pay attention to the time.
The paste of basil leaves is also very good for the face. Although it does not affect immediately like cosmetic cream. But it fills up facial scars and cleans them gradually. At the same time, Basil leaves also removes facial frigidity.


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