I was chubby for most of my childhood, but my weight got really out of control when I hit puberty and gained 30 pounds during one summer. At 5-foot-1, the extra weight showed clear as day. I tried dieting constantly and would lose 10 pounds and gain back 15 pounds. This cycle went on for most of my life.

I frequently stood in front of the mirror and moved around to see what I would look like if I changed. I always knew there was a fit, athletic person living in the wrong body. I just needed to figure out how to find her.

After giving birth to my bautiful girl, I hit an all-time high at 85 Kgs. and was very unhappy, so I decided to try to lose weight one more time. It was now or never and I picked a start date. I spent lots of time thinking about my upcoming change.

When the date came, I felt ready and had a sense of clarity like never before.

I started a weight-loss program from ask your diet that was livable and flexible and the weight started to come off. I lost about one and a half pounds every week and it stayed off. It was slow but steady and I felt amazing going to the gym twice per week. I started to see the person I knew was inside appear on the outside. I felt in total control and nothing could stop me.

I made my desire to change public and kept everyone up-to-date with my changes. I didn’t hide my goals, which inspired others around me.

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