I was determined to get my body back after giving birth to my son, so I did the only thing I knew, which was to run and do callisthenic exercises which helped me progressively shed the baby weight. After a while, I felt thin and got bored of the same treadmill routine.
When I saw Ask Your Diet program after searching it on google, I became inspired and intrigued by the fitness world. I wanted to embark on a challenge that I’d never done. I desired to live my life with passion. I wanted to feel empowered and live a long, healthy life. I wanted to be an example of willpower to my son. I felt drawn in and excited. I knew this journey was meant to be, so I decided to run with it and gave it my all.
I immersed myself in research. I was intrigued by the newfound lifestyle. The more knowledge I acquired the more motivated and determined I grew. I eliminated bread, sugars, alcohol, and fast food from my diet and started following Ask Your Diet Diet Plan.
I discovered that the cleaner I ate and the harder I trained, the better my progress was. I look back and can’t believe that I thought countless hours of cardio would help me obtain a dream body. I’m grateful that I realized the truth about heavy weights with a clean diet. I grew stronger physically and discovered that I have mental strength. I’m happier, healthier, and have something to strive towards.
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