Rohan lost a Whopping 15 Kilos in Only 2 Months.


Not only did he lose 15 Kgs, but he also lost a massive amount of fat especially from the belly and from his chest which was his most problematic area.


Here’s What he had to say about Ask Your Diet Plan


I was never a huge fan of exercise and to be honest it didn’t bother me too much but over a period of time, I noticed that the foods I was eating were fast foods with a large fizzy drink, sometimes. My bad habits and lack of care and knowledge in health/nutrition was putting my health at risk. I approached Ask Your Diet when I realized I needed to do something.


As soon as I signed up to the program I could see the changes in a matter of days, I was more productive than I ever had been and I wasn’t tired all the time. In the first week or two I cut out all the bad food and replaced it with foods that only carried nutritional value and replaced all of the fizzy drinks to just bottles of water. It sounds harder than it is but once my body was receiving the good foods I no longer craved the junk foods. The diet is very simple, home-cooked, sometimes you would wonder how can anyone lose weight by eating so much food. But, I think that’s how Ask Your is different from others. They don’t starve you like others.


In just 2 months with Ask Your Diet, I dropped 12% in body fat. I have become more knowledgeable about the right food choices and the benefit of health which I can now share with my family and friends around me and give them the best chance of life-fighting off obesity and diabetes two major concerns for the health of the next generation.


It’s the knowledge that money can’t buy and an investment in your health and the people you care about.


I would highly recommend Ask Your Diet to everyone who is looking to lose weight because at the end of the day your health is everything. Learn how to maintain it.”


Rohan Weight Loss Journey is still on and his ultimate target is 72 Kgs.


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