Pizza and video game binges tuned Rohan’s body into a human wasteland. See how this teen fought to reclaim his youth and lost 18 percent body fat with consistent training and dieting!


As a young kid, I ate my favorite foods while playing video games, which were pizza, pasta and burgers and momos. In school, I was bigger than most kids. I was the biggest kid and got made fun of a lot, but nobody knew how much it hurt me because I never spoke up.

I knew it was time for a change in tenth grade. If I didn’t make a change, school was going to be worse. I started running six miles per day for seven months, cut back on food, and lost some weight. But after some time, my weight loss progress has come to a halt and no matter whatever I do, I was just not making any progress. In the beginning I got frustrated for eating very less, working very hard without seeing any progress.

Then, my girlfriend suggested me Ask Your Diet program. Seeing her weight loss, I instantly signed up for the program and I must say rest is history, I not only lost tons of weight but also gained muscles at the same time. The diet plan was simple, yet very effective. Manish told me what I was doing wrong, really motivated me in my weight loss journey.


The only way to achieve goals is by working hard, but it won’t happen overnight. It took months to get where I am today and I’m still nowhere near where I want to be. Changing my diet was the largest factor to help me transform. When I started eating right, the results came fast.

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