Sure, losing weight is about the right mix of a balanced diet and working out, but for Sana, who could easily eat up to 2000 calories in a single meal, it was about altering her diet. Her weight touched a whopping 80 kilos and she started to feel ashamed of the way she looked and then, she changed things for the better, merely by tweaking her diet.


She lost 24 kilos in just 5 months. She shares her inspirational story with us. 


The turning point: I had a wedding in my family of one of my close relatives. I was left with a tussle in my mind – I really wanted to go and have fun but I was embarrassed by the way I looked back then. The worst part about weight is that it pulls your self-confidence down and at 80 kilos, I was ashamed of how I looked. And so, I missed the wedding. That’s when I promised myself that I will not remain like this.


How do I stay motivated?
The only thing that kept me motivated is the fact that I wanted to change myself. I didn’t want to remain a fat kid I used to look like before. I have completed my first 3 months transformation program and just started my 2nd 12 weeks transformation program. My next target is 52 kilos. Let’s see how soon I can reach.


How do you ensure you don’t lose focus?
Honestly, Ask Your Diet played a big role in this. They never let me lose my focus and constantly motivated me throughout my journey. It is an amazing company I would recommend it to everyone who is looking to lose weight or get healthy. The diet plan they give is so simple and filling and tasty at the same time. You would never feel like you are dieting.


Lack of self – confidence, embarrassment, and humiliation are some of the reasons which motivated Sana to start the weight loss journey and lost an astonishing 24 Kilos in just 5 months.


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Sana Before: 80 Kgs

Sana After 5 Months: 56 Kgs

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