“I think I was only referred to as the ‘bigger’ kid as opposed to the ‘fatter’ kid because my classmates were afraid I would squish them with my size,” he remembers.When it came down to the causes, food was the culprit. Shrey’s diet was nothing but pizza, fast food, sweets, fried foods, and soda by the gallon—all with no portion control.

I wanted to eat as much as I could get my hands on, and I didn’t care who knew it,” he says

But deep down, i knew, it was time to change and i wanted to be fitter. So……….

I started with healthy eating (as prescribed by Manish of ask Your Diet). Grilled chicken and vegetables are healthy, right? So my breakfast, lunch, and dinner were chicken and veggies. I occasionally mixed in some fruit. Over time, as the weight was coming off, I read Flex magazine, Muscular Development, and Bodybuilding.com for diet tips. Then, I started adding more variety to my eating.

There were days when I woke up and all I could think about was how tasty a gooey, grilled cheese sandwich would be after months of eating clean. But then I’d realize how nasty I’d feel afterward and how the cons far outweighed the pros. Was the momentary bliss worth the residual gross feeling it came with? Probably not. Asking myself questions like that kept me on track.


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