Weight Loss Story: This 28-year-old girl Ruchika Shivhare from Indore has lost a Massive 12 kilos in only 3 months. Here’s what she has to say about her experience with Ask Your Diet.



Ask Your Diet is a perfectly customized program that works to build on your strengths while giving you a very manageable framework to tackle your weaknesses / bad habits. Ask Your Diet has put me on a really positive wellness journey and lifted me up from the post-baby, post-COVID, fad diet funk that I was in.


I still can’t believe that’s me. It was very difficult for me to lose weight after having a baby, but now I feel it’s possible because of AYD. Coaching with AYD was so awesome! With the excellent support provided by the coaching team, I was able to embrace a “common sense” approach to weight loss that helped me finally make progress on my goals. I am so happy I decided to jump into this experience, and have learned skills that will help me continue to lose and maintain weight in the future! Thanks, AYD.


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