This 35-year-old girl from Michigan, USA has lost an amazing 30 kilos in only 8 months. Here’s what she has to say about her experience with Ask Your Diet.


“Ask Your Diet has put me on a really positive wellness journey and lifted me up from the post-COVID, fad diet funk that I was in.

A few months before signing up, I had attempted keto and totally failed – and in fact, gained weight from the whole experience because I ended up feeling more guilty and confused than when I started.

AYD is a perfectly customized program that works to build on your strengths while giving you a very manageable framework to tackle your weaknesses / bad habits. It offers commonsense nutritional and fitness advice, as well as unpacks some of the negative or distorted thinking that gets most people into unhealthy habits, to begin with.

While it can seem an investment, overall, I believe it to be a great value for the price in terms of having a personal dietitian, and the services and reference materials are really excellent.

It is very important to approach this program less as a “quick fix” and more as the beginning of a journey that will have ups and downs but ultimately move you closer to many different types of personal goals.

Their program focuses on mindset, habits, not giving up and long-term, lasting, realistic goals. I highly recommend them if you’re trying to become more fit. Thanks, AYD.” Sindhu said.



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