Weight Loss Story: This 42-year-old girl from USA lost a whopping 11 kilos in only 3 months just by tweaking his dietary habits without working out. Her weight loss journey is an example that when you start loving yourself more, anything is possible! Here’s her story:



“When I first came to Manish, I was at the heaviest I had ever been. Even though 65 Kgs is not much and I was never very overweight but I wanted to be perfect. I wanted a perfect body so that I can wear my favorite clothes. I had tried many different diets that just didn’t work for me and were never long-lasting. I was at a complete loss and I knew I was desperate for help. When I started to Ask Your Diet Plan, I had a lot of misinformation about weight loss. I thought I needed to change every part of my life and live uncomfortably to be able to lose more than 10 kilos. But luckily, I was wrong.” She said



“Manish taught me how to live a comfortable life. Set boundaries with my eating, keep active and lose weight at the same time. This all happened while I was still drinking Starbucks twice a week, eating out once a week, and not restricting my coffee intake. I used the tools that Manish provided me with and it forever changed my life. I am able to go out to eat with my friends and family and not feel uncomfortable with my food choices. I have the ability to go to a family gathering and enjoy my “happy meals” without guilt. It’s amazing, Isn’t it?” She said



I have lost 11 kilos in only 3 months without starving myself and moreover my skin is glowing and I have started looking much younger.  Manish has 100% changed my life. I lost 25 pounds working with Manish but more importantly, I gained freedom around food that I did not think was possible. I am so happy to have new habits that will work for the rest of my life and forever grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Ask Your Diet.



Losing weight and getting healthy will make you a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee, and more! You will be much more comfortable in your own skin and can truly focus on enjoying life. So, what are you waiting for?


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