This girl is an epitome of Inspiration and a Legend in her own terms. Tired of giving up, Pallavi set out on a fitness journey that helped her not only lose weight but build the muscle and confidence. She lost a WHOPPING 42 Kilos in 11 Months.

Here’s Her Story:


I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and realized that I had the power to change everything – so I did. After years of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling to lose weight, and stressed, I decided to take action. Most definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Working with Manish has literally been life-changing. I have so much more energy, I sleep better and have lost weight!


It gives one a great sense of pride when friends and for that matter, even people whom you have never met tell you that you have been an inspiration for them… Yeah, it happened to me… When people come to know my Transformation, they ask for my guidance.


It’s been a year since the start of a wonderful journey… From 108 to 66. The entire credit goes to Manish and his team at ASK YOUR DIET without whose support it couldn’t have been possible. Never knew that loosing makes you so happy …


Manish took time to find out not only about my eating habits, but also my lifestyle and health and devised an achievable plan. I wholeheartedly took on board Manish’s advice, and with his support and encouragement, I knew I could achieve my goal. After 11 months I feel more energized, nourished, and able to cope with stress. I am back exercising, I am losing weight, starting to enjoy hobbies and life again. My sparkle is back. Manish’s support and encouragement were invaluable. He is clearly committed to helping people – he genuinely cares. Big thank to him.


After years of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling to lose weight, and stressed, Pallavi decided to take action and that was life-changing for her. In her words, it was the best decision she has ever made.


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