This Girl lost 8 kilos in just 2 months and now aspiring for washboard abs.

Here’s her story:

I am a traveller and a foodie and my weight was stagnant at 58 kgs since 2 years but when I came back from one of my long trips in April, my weight was 61 kgs, I felt lethargic and not as active as I was.

I sat with my father and he asked me “You are at your prime now, with age, the body starts going down and if you don’t get in shape and have your best body now, then when?” This opened my eyes. It would be wrong to say that I hated my body as I realised what I saw was just the product of years of junk food and bad eating habits.

I started going to the gym but put on even more, that’s when I decided I needed help. I stumbled upon Manish’s insta when I was looking for #fitness on Instagram and saw many of my friends were already following him.

What followed was a lifestyle change and not just diet. My idea that diet means ‘eating less’ completely changed to diet= eating clean and healthy.

After 1 week I lost 1 kg weight and my skin became clearer,that made me thankful to my body and love it even more. To think of it, we treat our body with bad food for years before it finally starts showing symptoms but as soon as we change our habits to healthy even for a week, the results show..that’s how much our body is willing and wanting to get fit. And you cannot get in shape without loving and respecting your body while you are transforming.

The Diet Manish gave was so simple, no fancy foods, easy things I ate otherwise too and yes, he gave me 1 cheat day a it never felt like I am ‘punishing’ my body..on the contrary, eating more natural sugar in fruits.

After a month, I lost about 4 kgs and I continued the lifestyle shifts Manish suggested and then lost again the next month. 55 kgs was a weight I didn’t see in Years! It was insane and the process wasn’t ugly, it was a beautiful process of understanding my body nutrition needs better,all thanks to Manish.

Now I turned Vegan and Aiming to get abs and with Manish, I know it’s possible. –

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