This girl lost a massive 8 kilos in only 2 months. Here’s her story:


Most of us can find things to disagree on. But one thing we usually agree on is that we want to feel better and have more energy. And one way to do that is to change how we eat.


“That’s why I embraced the ASK YOUR DIET Program. All I can say is that ASK YOUR DIET Program completely changed my life for the better.” Dhwani said. My energy levels have improved and so did my sleep. But most importantly, the program changed my relationship with food. After starting the program, it was my new attitude toward food that was important. I had fewer cravings. I knew what fuel my body needed. She said


While I have tried losing weight in the past, it never worked.
“I have tried other diets … once you stop, the weight would come back on,” she explained. I stuck with AYD Program where I mostly ate what was prescribed to me unless I was out with friends or had a special event. I lost a total of 8 Kilos and went from 58 Kgs to 50 Kgs in only 2 Months. Dhwani Said.


AYD Plan helped me make smarter choices and pick better, more nutritious foods. I believe these choices are making a definite improvement in my health and energy levels. I must say, without Ask Your Diet support and motivation, this weight loss would have never been possible.


By making simple diet changes in her lifestyle, Dhwani lost a massive 8 kilos in only 2 months.


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Before: 58 Kilos

Before: 58 Kilos

After 2 Months: 50 Kilos

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