Weight loss story: This housewife from Surat, Gujrat lost 9 Kilos in only 3 months just by eating healthily.



The turning point: “I realized losing weight was one of the ways to get my life back. When I did lose weight, I gained back my confidence, went back to my size ‘S’ clothes, and most importantly, people showered me with compliments. All of this was because of Ask Your Diet Healthy Eating Plan.” She said


Ask Your Diet taught me that there is nothing better and healthier than a balanced diet. Starving, or following fad diets is not going to help you burn the fat because you end up eating more. Maintain discipline and eating simple home-cooked meals and you are on your way to healthy living.


How do I stay motivated? : Motivation can be found within yourself. If I am feeling a little low, I look at myself in the mirror and promise to keep working on my goals I set for myself. More than this, every time my husband compliments me, I feel happy and focussed.


You only get to live once, and it is important you make the most of it. Losing weight has turned the life of Mansi around and brought in positivity. A fit and healthy woman can become an inspiration for the ones around her and change other lives as well.


So, What are you waiting for?


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