Who says Weight Loss is difficult after 50 years? 

This Italian Woman lost 8 Kilos in Just 2 Months without any Workout. 

Fat loss is a journey, and for some, it involves a lot more than just changing their eating and exercise patterns—it’s a lifestyle overhaul. It was for Antonnieta, who changed her routine to lose 8 kilos in just 2 months. Keep reading for her story. 


The key to my weight loss success is consistency and keeping my plans and goals to myself. I have learned that you need to consistently stick with your efforts to see progress. And that’s the toughest part—permanent change is hard. So, I try to make the best decision I can every single time I have a decision to make. I think a lot of people fail at weight loss because they make drastic changes that aren’t sustainable. – I didn’t even set out to lose weight originally, but instead to become healthier. That’s where Ask Your Diet Meal Plan was a great help. The diet plan was so good that i have never even felt like I was on a diet. It was more of a food swaps rather than cutting down on calories. I have never though I could eat so much and still lost so much weight in such a short span of time.


“After having a non very pleasant experience with another professional, I decided to give it another chance and went for something more custom. That’s when I came across Ask Your Diet page on Instagram and I can say that I definitely loved it because Manish was extremely competent. I could achieve all of my goals because he listened what was important to me and led me to the best way to achieve them. And it wasn’t only about the nutrition part because he gave me loads of emotional support and motivation to make the best changes in my life overall. I’m really happy, highly recommend him and it would be a pleasure to work with him again” – Antonnieta said 

Antonnieta started her Weight Loss Journey at 52 years of age and lost 8 kilos in just 2 months.

Don’t wait till you are 52, Start your Weight Loss Journey Today



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