Weight loss story: This make-up artist lost a massive 20 Kgs in only 5 months and got her life back. Her transformation is jaw-dropping. 


Losing weight is not an easy task but it is not made any easier when you have people constantly commenting on how you look or remind you of your size. Something similar happened with this make-up artist. With dedicated efforts and strong willpower, she not only shed all of the weight in just 5 months but also became successful in her career.


How do you ensure you don’t lose your focus? “I think will power is important if you need to achieve anything. We are humans and we tend to go off track at times which is why we need people by our side to remind us of our purpose in life. At the same time, you have to be strong-willed and determined to achieve your goal.” She said

Lessons you learned from your fitness journey: There is a lot I have learned from my journey. Firstly, do not let negative comments about your weight affect you. And also, there is no shortcut to fitness. It takes a huge amount of time and dedication and you should not lose hope at any time.


Lifestyle changes: There have been a tremendous amount of change in my lifestyle. I sleep on time and ensure that I get my required hours of sleep as the muscles need rest. Also, there is a lot of change in my eating habits. I started eating healthy, keeping positive and like-minded people around me. I became a lot more confident with my body, more confident with my work. In fact, my career helped me to love myself more.


The Ask Your Diet Program was the easiest diet I have ever done! The diet plan was very simple home-cooked; I was eating all my favorite foods such as dal rice, poha, upma, dosa etc. When I started the program, I thought it was going to be like all the others, but soon I had lost 20 kilos. It took 4 months to lose the weight but time flew by and every week I was happy to get on the scale to see more weight had come off. Thanks, AYD.


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