Success Stories

Antara Weight Loss Story

Antara felt lazy and tired. She over ate constantly. And, she wasn't happy. What she saw in the mirror was not the person she knew herself to be. Just as bad, she said, was the poor example she was setting for her kids. I always played sports growing up. I didn't...

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Archak Lost 16 Kgs in 3 Months

Being mocked for appearance is one of the biggest fears for any being. What adds to this horror is a constant reminder of the same by being called names, such as that of big animals. Archak Anand did not have an issue with his weight but was grilled for it anyway....

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Ankit Gahlot Lost 15 Kgs in 3 Months

Nothing can be worse than not being able to do your everyday tasks smoothly. The same problem was faced by 26-year-old Ankit because of being overweight. Ankit not only felt lazy and tired all the time but also started facing several health issues. He finally decided...

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Nare Unbelievable 5 Months Transformation

HOW I TRANSFORMED MY BODY I was determined to get my body back after giving birth to my son, so I did the only thing I knew, which was to run and do callisthenic exercises which helped me progressively shed the baby weight. After a while, I felt thin and got bored of...

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Saurabh’s Life Changing Story:

I came from an overweight family and followed in their footsteps. I was so ashamed and depressed that i starting eating more. By the time i graduated from college , i was weighing more than 100 Kgs. One day my cousin came home and introduced me to the Ask Your Diet...

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