Weight Loss Story: Preehana lost 22 Kilos in only 5 Months after Pregnancy and this is how she did it.


Weight loss in itself is a huge challenge but it becomes, even more, tormenting for new mothers who witness this sudden change in their body. Something similar happened with Scotland based, 27-year-old Preehana, who realized that she had gained a lot of weight after her pregnancy. Her weight loss quest is an outright inspiration for many others. Read on


Since beginning with Ask Your Diet I’ve made great progress – more than I had imagined if I’m honest. I have lost 22 kgs weight, gained definition and tone losing a lot of inches around my body, have lowered my body fat, and dropped 4 dress sizes. I’m more focussed on life in general, less stressed, feel more energetic and all-round I’m happier.


I am still a work in progress and while I might not be there yet I am a hell of a lot closer than I was yesterday and I know I will continue to improve. I cannot thank Manish enough for his commitment and his friendly, professional, and dedicated approach to his Diet Plans.


I would highly recommend Ask Your Diet to anyone looking for a Weight Loss Diet Plan – it really is an investment in yourself. Also, be prepared to put in the effort yourself, Manish will give you the winning formula and encourage and guide you every step along the way but you need to deliver on your side of the bargain!


Also, with the help of Manish and his knowledge of nutrition, he has helped me break so many of the bad dietary habits I had, I can finally say I have a healthy relationship with food. To anyone considering starting Weight Loss Journey, go for it, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make, it was for me.


Preehana shifted to Scotland 2 years ago with her husband and It was not an easy journey for her to be in a different country and taking care of her child as well at the same time. It was her utmost dedication and willpower which helped her succeed. All the very best to her in al her future endeavors.


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Preehana Before: 85 Kgs

Preehana After: 63 Kgs


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