Weight Loss Story: This 24-year-old girl from Chickmaglur, Karnatka lost an amazing 10 Kilos in only 3 months


May 2020 was when Sita Desai decided to change her lifestyle by losing weight. When Sita checked her body weight in April 2020 this year, she recorded it to be 78 kg. And now, after a gap of almost 3 months, she weighs just 68 kg. Her ultimate target is 54 Kgs which I’m hoping she would achieve sooner than later.


Sita, a 24-year-old student woman based out of Karnataka, was no different from most of us, with a history of failed attempts at taking up weight-loss challenges in the past.


However, things were different this time; something motivated her to stick to her fitness regime. ”This time, I was very strict about it (the weight loss challenge),” revealed Sita, while speaking to Ask Your Diet.


”My weight gain was perhaps the result of two years of stress-eating. I realized that I was becoming something that I definitely did not want to see myself as,” she said. Like most overweight people in the world, Sita was also subjected to “concerned” remarks by people around her. There were friends who made casual comments on her weight while others expressed concern over the same. ”I wanted to get rid of hearing the same thing over and over again. It was becoming too much of a burden for me,” expressed Sita.


AYD Weight Loss is a great tool to assist in an overall lifestyle change. I came to the program looking for a way to lose weight without having to buy a certain kind of food or meal and was very concerned about appetite suppressants and the effects they had on my body in the past. I knew what I needed to do, but did not have the program or the encouragement to stick with a weight loss program. AYD has provided me with a program that I can live with. I can cook my own food, I can eat out at restaurants, and I can go to the movies and still stay in the program.


“Any person who is serious about losing weight and becoming healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually will succeed using the AYD Program,” Sita said



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