Weight Loss Story: This 27-year-old girl Ratna Kumari from Motihari, Bihar has lost an amazing 21 Kilos in only 4 months. Here’s what she has to say about her experience with Ask Your Diet.



“In just 3 months of Diet Plan with AYD I have lost a total of 21 kilos, a massive amount of body fat, and a lot of inches from my belly.


AYD has motivated and encouraged me to lead a better, healthier lifestyle and I have greatly reaped the rewards of that.


“At my initial consultation, I told AYD that I wanted to lose weight, tone up, and most importantly feel good.


Since I started training I have lost 21 kilos, 7-8% body fat, and a lot of inches, and I feel amazing. My energy levels have increased, I have newfound confidence, and I now enjoy clothes shopping and socializing more.


I cannot imagine a time where I no longer attend these sessions as they have changed my attitude towards food and exercise and above all, how I feel about myself.”


AYD is great for building your confidence in an environment that is focused on learning and focused on achieving your personal goals, I have a lot of trust in AYD and I recommend Ask Your Diet program to anyone who is looking to lose weight and get fit for life. Thanks, AYD



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