Weight loss story: This Beauty Salon Owner lost 10 kilos in just 2 months! Here’s how she did it. 


It does not matter what is to be blamed for the rapid weight gain, we can all agree getting rid of those stubborn kilos can be taxing. When 27-year-old Beauty Salon Owner Gayatri did not like the way her stomach was bulging out from her clothes, she decided to do something about her growing weight. This is her inspiring weight loss journey.


The turning point: I don’t care what people are saying but if u see yourself in the mirror who looks like ugly then you have to decide to do something for your body. While I wasn’t really bothered by the rude comments or body-shaming, I felt ashamed of the reflection staring right back at me in the mirror. It was also really disheartening when I could no longer fit into the clothes of my choice. I understood that I needed to take the matter in my hand before it beyond my control. That was the point I decided to work on my body and get my life back on track. Now, I am happy with what I see in the mirror, and it is enough. –


I thought weight loss is a myth, till I met Manish. I had tried many diet plans and many suggestions for almost 4 years but none of them worked. Then i thought of giving a try with professional Nutritionist and found Ask Your Diet rated well in many online reviews. I opted for 3-month support plan for 6k, which they have mentioned in their website too. I started the diet and results were unbelievable. He gives the food chart according to our food culture, so almost everything you love is included in the diet plan, which makes it easier to follow. Overall it was a great experience. I even recommended 2 more friends of mine and they are seeing good results too.


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Before 70 Kgs

After 2 Months: 60 Kgs

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