Weight loss story: This girl lost a whopping 26 Kgs in JUST 6 months and still going strong.


Putting on weight is easier than losing it. We all know it. For 28-year-old Varuna, a professional, the problem got so bad that she stopped looking in the mirror.

Nonetheless, she decided to lose her weight and become a better version of herself. With dedicated efforts and strong willpower, she shed her most of the weight in 6 months. Read this story to know how she did it.

The Turning point: I started to dread looking at myself in the mirror. One such day I decided to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

My Breakfast: The biggest change I made in my life was my diet. In the mornings, in Breakfast, I eat what is recommended by Ask Your Diet

My Lunch: Daal is a must-have for me! I usually like to have one big bowl of daal with 2 chapati or rice or whatever is given in the Diet Plan by Ask Your Diet

My Dinner: I make sure that I have my dinner at least 2 hours prior to bed so that I am able to digest it better. For my dinner again, I have 2 chapatis or Bowl of Rice with a bowl of daal and Vegetable Sabzi.

One thing I swear by: The one thing that has actually helped me get in shape fast and is something I would suggest everyone to do is to get your Diet Plan from Ask Your Diet. Trust me, weight loss food can be tasty too, I have learned this after starting my Diet Plan with them. I followed the Diet Plan given to me and this has helped me sculpt the muscles around the stomach.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I want to encourage all women and mothers like me who are obese and want to shed weight and tell them that nothing is impossible.

In order to become the better version of herself. With dedicated efforts and strong willpower, Varuna lost most of her Weight and still going strong (already lost 1  more Kg while writing this article).


Varuna lost a Whopping 26 Kgs in Just 6 Months.

So, What are you waiting for?

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