Weight loss story: This guy lost a massive 50 kilos in just 5 months! Here’s how he did it!


The journey to weight loss is not an easy one and any person battling extra kilos can tell you the immense struggle behind it. When 19 years old Navleen decided to lose weight and get back in shape, it was certainly not easy.


After following a crash diet and doing extreme outdoor cardio, he started battling loose and saggy skin. This is when he realised the importance of a proper workout regime and healthy diet for weight loss. Here is how he lost a whopping 50 kilos in just 5 months!


Name: Navleen

Occupation: Student

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Highest weight recorded: 150

Weight Lost: 50 kgs

Duration it took me to lose weight: 5 months


What are the lifestyle changes you made? One of the biggest changes that I made was to change my mindset about food. Now, I treat food as a fuel rather than something to satisfy my taste buds with. Ask Your Diet changed my perception about food. Before starting the AYD Program, I used to eat so much ice creams and chocolate, now I don’t even crave for these things, AYD is an amazing company and doing a really wonderful work. I even had the opportunity to visit their clinic and meet Mr Manish. He really is a wonderful person and gave me so much insight in to food and workout. I really cannot thank him enough for his efforts to help me.

Lessons learnt from weight loss: The most important lesson I learnt on my quest to lose weight was that more than training and diet, it is the mindset and will power which matters. It’s not about following a strict diet, rather it’s more about being balanced with your diet.

How do you ensure you don’t lose focus? It is okay to cheat on your diet sometimes. Instead of feeling guilty, use that as your motivation and work harder. Even AYD allows couple of cheat meals per week. That’s how they are different from others.

Navleen is an Engineering student and it was his mindset and willpower that helped him lost 50 Kgs in only 5 Months

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