Weight loss story: “I became a new person after losing a whopping 14 kilos and learned to love myself!” 


When you are overweight, life isn’t exactly smooth. From battling unsolicited comments and the judgmental stares to health conditions which stem from all the extra kilos, 30-year-old, Mumbai based Ruchi had seen it all. However, when her confidence levels began to take a beating, she knew that she needed to pull her socks up and get back on track. Her weight loss journey is an example that when you start loving yourself more, anything is possible!


“I feel like a new person. None of the other weight loss programs have made me feel so good. My clothes fit again, no need to buy larger sizes thank goodness, and feel more determined than ever to keep the weight off. The nice thing is no packaged food, crazy combinations, and an easy program to follow. This is the best program I’ve ever been on. Everything is better. I sleep better, I enjoy exercise more, my skin looks better, I feel happier, healthier, and more confident.” Thanks, Ask Your Diet. Ruchi said


“Like many people, I tend to be cynical about claims of quick fixes to problems. When I learned what the program entailed, I knew that it would work. It is logical, safe, healthy, and I felt well looked after. This program has changed me for the better and for the rest of my life. This program is amazing!! With the supervision and support of the office staff, there is no way you can fail with this diet program. It was so exciting to weigh in every week and see the amazing progress.” Ruchi said


Fitness secrets I unveiled: When you love yourself and your body, you begin to put your health first. So, instead of craving for tasty dishes and cuisines, I crave to stay healthy and fit. In addition to fitting in the dresses of my choice, it is the motivational stories of people on Ask Your Diet Instagram platforms that keep me motivated to stay fit.


Do you want to lose weight as Ruchi did? If your answer is yes. 


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