Weight loss story: This working woman lost 9 kilos in just 2 months! Here’s how she did it.



The journey to weight loss is not an easy one and any person battling extra kilos can tell you the immense struggle behind it. When 40-year-old Deepthi decided to lose weight and get back in shape, she knew it would take immense dedication and discipline. From feeling exhausted all the time to being an inspiration to everyone around her, Deepthi’s journey is all weight loss inspiration you need!


The turning point: I was certainly let down by a lot of unsolicited diet advice from people around me, but nothing was as hurtful as not being able to fit into the clothes of my choice. Owing to my weight, I also felt extremely lethargic and drained out. Hence, I decided that I no longer wanted to feel this way and decided to love myself a bit more by embarking on the journey of fitness.


Weight Loss Secrets I unveiled: If there is just one takeaway from my weight loss journey, it is the fact that you need to be mentally strong and determined to become physically fit. Your tenacity certainly plays a crucial role in your journey towards a healthier you.


How do I stay motivated? Seeing that I was losing inches from my body was enough to keep me motivated. Moreover, I also felt energetic and light after I began my quest to lose weight. AYD Diet Plan has been great, very simple to cook and easy to follow. I felt energetic and the weight just kept coming off. I have just completed my 2 months on the plan and already lost 9 kilos. My ultimate target is 55 Kilos. I am sure, I will be able to achieve it sooner than later.


It was mental strength and determination which led Deepthi lost a massive 9 kilos in just 2 months.


So, What are you waiting for??


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